Tuesday, August 23, 2005

del Dente

del Dente
2980 King St. East
Kitchener, Ontario N2A 1A9

J and I decided to celebrate the birth of Sapphire Martini blog by revisiting del Dente. del Dente was one of the first restaurants we went to when we first started to explore restaurants in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Last time I had some pork chop with Kalua sauce...haven't been back for about two years. It is not THAT bad (it actually tasted like Mexican Mole sauce), it's just...different. Our experience there is not always positive, but their potted bread can always pull us back. Just like this time.

We shared fried calamari to start, J had manzo pizza (topping: beef, asparagus, hot peppers) and I had fussili etouggee (spicy sausage, tiger shrimp....). We shared one creme brulee to wrap up the dinner. Our "first" potted bread was as cute as we remembered but a bit plain. When I touched our second potted bread, I felt the thrill thru my finger tips. It was crusty outside but when my fingers poked through the bread, it was fluffy and steamy inside, totally goes well with the bread spreads (hummus, apple cinnamon butter and chive butter). The calamari was fresh and not overcooked. The pasta I had was del Dente. We still like pizza from Sole more but the size in del Dente is just marvelous. The creme brulee was huge, at least twice as big as those offered anywhere else in town. However, it has more "eggy" texture as opposed to creamy silky texture. Our server was very nice. She came back and asked us if we enjoyed our food for almost every dish. This is probably one of the best among our visits to del Dente.

Overall, it is a good restaurant for friends or family get-together; it offers relatively good food but it won't break your wallet.

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