Monday, October 10, 2005

Montana's Cookhouse

Montana's Cookhouse
740 Ottawa St. South
Kitchener, Ontario N2E 1B6

It all started from a $10 gift card. The card was good for Swiss Chalet, Milestones, Montana's, Outback and Kelsey's.
1) Outback - we tried it before and it was pretty good. But there are other steakhouses I'd rather go in town;
2) Kelsey's - for us it's more a place we hang out with friends for a beer or some sorts;
3) Swiss Chalet - next please?
4) Milesones - there isn't any in KW area. We eventually had chance to visit this restaurant, but it will be in another review.
So "I" decided to go to Montana's. J didn't want to go at first 'cause he felt it was just another chain restaurant. He'd rather go to Outback to chew down some steak.

I remembered that we had their signature rib and BBQ beef brisket sandwich. We even shared a deep-fried cheesecake. That was brutal; I was so full that I could barely walk afterwards. That bad experience (not really due to the quality of their food) didn't stop me from going back; I've been hooked to their BBQ sauce ever since. We've dined in this restaurant occasionally since it is within the same plaza with Zehrs and RONA. Here are my all-time favorites: Apple Butter Rib Tips, 1/2 lb B. B. Q. Beef Brisket Sandwich and what else? ribs with either their Texus bold or Apple butter sauce. According to their menu, Texus bold is famous of its hickory-smoked flavor. The flavor Apple butter is a combination of their Signature Bold BBQ sauce and apple jam.

We normally show up at odd hours (e.g. 2 PM on weekends) so we don't know what their service is like during peak time. But the service is in general not too bad. I enjoy the crayons on the table and I find that I am not the only one enjoying it. Last time we went to that restaurant, we saw two ladies focusing on their drawing so much that they could care less of their food. Montana's is also a very family-oriented restaurant; there are so many families w/ young kids. Glad that there is somewhere everyone can enjoy.

My advice of dining at Montana's? Stick with items they are GOOD at. My mom had their Montana's Herb-Roasted Chicken and she wasn't impressed. Come on! You don't go to restaurants like this and order fettuccine alfredo and expect it to be good, do you?

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