Tuesday, January 16, 2007

All About Crepes

All About Crepes (Closed)
75 King St. South
Waterloo, Ontario N2J 1P2

After giving this place a scathing review, I felt like I should give them a second chance and returned once again for lunch. I must admit, the plating and presentation was much improved over their first efforts, but the menu wasn't changed at all and featured the same oddly priced list of crepes. Portions were still small, fillings had a very processed and unrefined taste to them. The dessert crepe my companion had wasn't too bad, but seemed to be filled with nutella (and too much at that). Strangely, the place was still quite busy so what do I know.


Anonymous said...

yep this place stinks

Anonymous said...

they've actually had a new menu for a few weeks now with a bunch of totally new dishes and gotten rid of most of the old ones... maybe you went prior to that, but i suggest the thai seafood or the braised curry lamb shank crepe now.

Anonymous said...

crepes, if you went to france, are filled with nutella

Anonymous said...

I had dinner plans at Thai Sun an evening this month and walked past "All about Crepes". Of which, is now closed. I do believe it had something to do with unpaid bills.

I went there once and never went back - over priced and I can make better crepes at home.

Here's to hoping the next tenants have a great restaurant worthy of checking out!

Kirsten said...

I went there once a few months ago. I got pancakes because everything else on the menu looked unappetizing. The syrup jug they gave me had wasps in it, I actually had to wait for them to go to the grocery store to get more syrup.