Monday, January 02, 2006


3051 Vega Boulevard
Mississauga, Ontario L5L 5Y3

We’ve been to this chain several times. Last time we went there was on Boxing Day. When I first visited this restaurant, I was surprised that their food was better than I expected. In fact, I think this is probably one of the “better” chain restaurants out there. Too bad there isn’t any in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Milestone’s has quite a brunch menu. I’ve tried the shrimp and avocado Benedict. I won’t say I am absolutely loving it, but it is pretty good. The hollandaise sauce tastes creamy and not “artificial’. The avocado salsa is a nice touch. If I go out for breakfast/brunch, I tend to order egg Benedict whenever it is available. I must say egg Benedict from Milestone’s is better than some I had in some fancy restaurants/hotels. The shrimp is the weakest link of the whole dish; it is small and slightly soggy. Not knowing what “frittata” means, J ordered the Italian Frittata. It turned out to be an omelet, unfolded. We weren’t quite impressed by the toasted focaccia; it is almost flavorless. It is not too bad if treated as a thick slice of toast.

One thing I must mention is their curly fries.…so…GOOD. At the first sight the fries look like onion rings. They are crunchy and quite addictive. I am glad that they really mean it when they describe the amount of fries as “a mountain of curly fries”. It was enough to share with friends.

Speaking of friends, Milestone’s is definitely a great place for friends get-together. I would much prefer to go to Milestone’s than Eastside. Hopefully they’ll open one in K-W soon.

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twg said...

I've been to Milestones probably about 2-3 times now. Mainly at the Paramount in downtown Toronto (John & Queen).

While I agree with OP that the food is better than most chains, I find that it's fairly pricey and not worth the value. The people there tend to dress up a bit more than say an East Side Marios and it does tend to be fairly packed, with a rather large bar. One thing that they have which is good are their unique Bellini's. It's an iced peach schnapps with champagne in a martini glass.