Monday, January 30, 2006

Shandiz Persian Cuisine

Shandiz Persian Cuisine
170 University Ave. West
Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3E9

I had to admit that the first time I stepped in the restaurant because all the "usual suspects" weren't open. It was in between terms; many restaurants in the plaza were closed. The menu was intimidating; combinations of English letters I couldn't quite figure out what they were. What was worse, someone was doing some wiring above the ceiling. All the lights were on, the kitchen was packed in action and the TV was on. Gas, plumbing, electricity, cable...I had to tell myself "ah...he is just hooking up broadband internet connection". (So lame that I can't even convince myself, I picked the table closest to the front door after ordering what I wanted)

OK, the atmosphere in the restaurant is not that intimidating; it must be the gloomy weather doing funny thing to my head. My impression of the restaurant changed especially after tasting the food. There are lots of items I don't really know what they are (can't pronounce them either), but the menu actually includes very detailed description. The staff was quiet but at least polite. And the food...I love the lamb shank (btw, it is one of the few items i could actually read out loud), the saffron rice also goes well with it. The meat was on the dry side but heavily flavored. After the first bite, I had the illusion that the original size of the lamb piece should be 4 times bigger. Just like red wine reduction, one bottle of wine being reduced to less than one cup. The flavor of the lamb was so intense, but not too salty nor "herbal-y". I also ordered the beef kabob combo for J. It was good, but the lamb shank was better. So no sharing ~

I would definitely go back for the lamb shank.

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