Monday, September 19, 2005

Boston Pizza

597 King St. North
Waterloo, Ontario

I couldn't convince G to go to Boston Pizza just to get it over with, so I ended up going there with some colleagues last week. It was, as expected, a fairly unforgettable corporate chain restaurant. Somewhat like a Pizza Hut, but with more selection, more decor, more grease, and more money. We had the Meateor pizza and a Spicy Peirogy. The Meateor was a pizza with lots of meat. The Spicy Peirogy was more interesting - potato slices, bacon, sour cream, green onions on a tomato-less cream sauce of some kind. Not something your doctor would recommend. The appetizers came quickly, the pizzas seemed to take a lot longer than necessary. Service was the typical pre-scripted corporate pleasantries, except for a rare moment of candor.

Server: "Our featured appetizer is the Thai Chicken Bites."

Us: "Why is it featured?"

Server: "I guess they want us to sell more of it."

Total came to around $85 for a couple of pizzas, drinks and yes, one order of Thai Chicken Bites. I didn't feel great afterwards, and neither did one of my colleagues, but that's probably our own fault for splitting 2 large nearly pizzas nearly devoid of vegetables between 5 people.

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