Monday, September 05, 2005


We went there when the restaurant was first open. Once we pulled in their parking lot, we knew immediately that no one would bother to steal our car. :) That was the first time I saw so many high-end cars at once in K-W.

The restaurant is beautiful. It was renovated from an old church with high style. The elegance of the room almost made you feel you should elegantly "glide" into the room. We've been to the Church Restaurant in Stratford. Verses is smaller but also prettier.

The service is amazing. The staff was very friendly and well-trained. The sommelier was very knowledgeable and sincere. Even the "bread boy" (a young apprentice whose job is to remove the bread crumbs before the appetizer was served) tried so hard to do his job right. Although he couldn't use the scraper very well, he was very quiet and focused, slowly scraped away the crumbs. The chef was originally from Langdon Hall, so was the lady who monitored the front and the majority of their crew.

If you want to impress a lady or make her to feel like a princess, that is probably the restaurant to go. Based on the assumption that she won't be intimidated by the formality (yet cozy) atmosphere.

J wrote a detailed review on Verses after our visit, so I'll let him repost his review. Hopefully next time we go, we'll be able to find (minumim) 4 more people so we can reserve the Chef's Table (right beside the kitchen).


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