Sunday, September 11, 2005

McDonald's Part 2

McDonald's in Asia has far more interesting items on the menu than in North America. For example, you can apply sprinkles/toppings to your french fries. (Not sure if it's a promo or a regular item) I tried seaweed sprinkles long time ago and it was quite nice. I've tried their curry pork chop burger. It tasted like Japanese curry pork schnitzel (or to be more precise, "tonkatsu" curry) on a bum. Fried chicken or chicken wings (McWings) are also available in two flavors, original or spicy. If you go to the website of McDonald's Hong Kong , you will see picture of McWings.

Last time I visited relatives in Taiwan, I tried their new product, rice burger. Unfortunately it was completely no match with MOS's rice burger. It was partially soggy, and the rice "bum" crumbled in a short time.

Speaking of rice burgers, I have to mention that Japanese chain, MOS Burger. If you go to their regular site, you can check out their menu. My favorite rice burger is the "Kinpira" version. From the website, "Kinpira gobo" is a Japanese dish, braised burdock. (Recipe. And picture. ) Burdock has crunchy texture. This rice burger is quite healthy and tasty. Too bad we can't have it here.

Back to McDonald's. My all-time favorite of McDonald's is their French Fries. Yes, I have read the book "Fast Food Nation", I have watched the movie "Supersize Me", and yes, I know they have "formula" to make their fries taste as if they were deep-fried in tallow. Their fries still taste good though.

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